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O’Ways Tea Cafe

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In this post, I will be doing an in-depth review of The O’Ways Tea Cafe.

We will take a look at the following:

  • Their vegan & vegetarian menu options
  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Operating hours
  • Overall rating score out of 5.


O'Ways Tea Cafe

O’ways Teacafé is an integration of the finest elements of nature and life, fused together into a complete whole.

The potent natural energy of the earth and its plant gifts combine to produce delicious specialty teas, bold coffee blends and a wide range of exquisite food entrees.

These elements combine with the human element of connection to create an atmosphere that is a unique emergence of the best of a teahouse, a coffee shop, and a restaurant into a new blend: Teacafe.

The O represents the circular energy of the universe and the aim is to, along with offering quality products, send positive energy beyond the walls of the Teacafe and into the world for positive change.


The Menu

Their menu changes seasonally to keep things “funky fresh” and to stay in harmony with the gifts that mother nature offers.

Their menu has four parts:

Let’s breakfast, Let’s lunch, Let’s go East and daily featured desserts.

The result is an invitation to savor something new.

They also offer an off-site catering service with one single rule- as long as you do not have any meats or alcohol at your event they will be more than happy to assist.

A highlight of the café is the ceremonial tea table, which can be booked for tea ceremonies led by master tea merchant Mingwei Tsai.

Takeaways are available for people on the go and there is a retail section selling bags of Nigiro tea leaves, Origin coffee beans as well as tea and coffee utensils such as canisters, cups and saucers and teapots.

O’ways Teacafé seats 60 to 80 people.


What I’ve tried on their menu

Spinach & Chickpea Wrap: A delicious vegan-friendly wrap served with stir-fried vegetables and scrambled tofu. (R68)

Stir-Fry Quinoa: Stir-fried mushrooms, spinach, and quinoa topped with tomatoes and oriental pickled carrots and salad. (R70)

Vegetable Curry: Amazingly tasty vegetable curry served on a bed of basmati rice, accompanied with a poppadum. (R82)

Blackbean & Cranberry Burger: This is without a doubt my favourite item on their menu. The patty is made from a combination of black beans and cranberries (as the name suggests), then it is layered with tofu mayonnaise, green leaves, tomato and served with spicy potato wedges. It is SUPER DOOPER tasty. (R85)


There are plenty of other tasty items on their menu so I will definitely be back to try some more of their healthy goodies.


What To Expect:

A wide selection of amazing teas, great coffee, super dooper tasty and healthy food with a great atmosphere.

The service is good, the staff are very friendly and will jump at the opportunity to help you.



20 Dreyer St, Claremont. Directions here.


Mon-Thurs: 7.30am – 5pm

Fri: 7.30am – 5pm + 6pm – 9pm

Sat: 9am – 2pm

Sun: Closed


Visit their website here.

Visit their Facebook page here.

Overall Rating

We scored O’ Ways Tea Cafe with 4/5.

I highly recommend the Blackbean and Cranberry Burger. It is deliciosly tasty- SE-RI-OUS!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you think about O’Ways Tea Cafe in the comments below.

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