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Your Guide To Living The Vegan Lifestyle In Cape Town

Hi and welcome to my Blog!

The goal that I am trying to achieve from this blog, is to help as many people as possible to make a smooth transition from a meat-eating diet to a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle.

I have been a vegan since November 2018 and my health and energy levels have never been as good as they are now, at the age of 32.

Letting go of all meat and animal products can definitely be quite a daunting thought for most people, especially if you’ve been eating meat all your life.

I am hoping to assist you in making a smooth transition into the vegan lifestyle, by sharing some of the helpful tips and information that I have learned along the way and am still learning every day.

I hope you enjoy your time here… I trust that you will.


The Keys To A Successful Transition

Here are a few factors that I feel will help anybody in Cape Town- or anywhere for that matter- that is wanting to start living the vegan lifestyle.

I’ll be focusing on Cape Town but I am sure anybody that is interested in the vegan lifestyle will find some useful information from my blog.


Knowing where to shop and what sort of stuff to buy can make the transition much easier.

Eating Out

There are super tasty vegan-friendly restaurants in Cape Town. I’ll show you where.


We all love a good ol braai! Knowing what to take to your braais will help you out big time.


Finding the best substitutes/ alternatives for your foods like cream/milk/ cheese.


Having access to easy to follow recipes will make your transition much easier & achievable.


I will share a whole bunch of very useful tips with regard to healthy living as a vegan.


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